Hi, I’m Yvonne  

My name is Yvonne Ritzen. I was born in the Netherlands and acquired my masters degree in Mental Health Sciences in 1988 and in Health Education and Promotion in 1990 from the University of Maastricht. Before and during my college studies I already had shown an interest in health, had trained as a nurse and worked for 10 years in the Intensive Care Unit of the Academic Hospital in Maastricht. I treat the body as a diagnostic tool for mental health problems and the psyche as a barometer of the body. (more…)

Hi, I’m Yvonne

Geisfeld location  

Welcome to Geisfeld! During the hot summers and the cold winters this is our residence. Our over 1100 year old small village is located at the border of the Saar-Hunsrück nature reserve, about 400 m above sea level, with beautiful forests and vast fields all around. The small village has about 600 inhabitants and is situated in the northern part of the municipality Hermeskeil, high above the Dhrontal. Well worth seeing is the parish church, which was designed by Balthasar Neumann. (more…)

Geisfeld location

Public transport  

Getting to our little practice in the beautiful Hunsrück nature reserve by public transport is not impossible, though it takes some determination. Your best bet is to take a bus to Hermeskeil Donatusplatz, about 8 km from our place, from where we can pick you up. Travelling by train you would most probably end up in Trier (when coming from the north through Koblenz) or in Türkismühle (when coming from the east or south through Mannheim). (more…)

Public transport

Ammoudara Crete  

Ammoudara (GR: Αμμουδάρα) in Crete is our residence during Spring and Autumn. It is mostly a 4 kilometre long sandy beach west of Heraklion lined with hotels, some of them very large complexes, taverns, restaurants, bars, cafes etc that offer umbrellas and sun-beds on the beach. The sand is fine and the sea is clear and safe. The area in general is touristic and offers a full range of facilities, among them the modern multiplex “Technopolis” with cinema and an open-air theater. (more…)

Ammoudara Crete

In focus

The Board of Knowledge

The Board of Knowledge was created to give the Greatest Love and the Greatest Energy Unit of Oneness. It supports everyone to reach Total Spiritual Enlightenment. It brings greater awareness of what we are moving toward and the Purpose of Everything in Life. It truly is the Highest Spiritual Tool for Enlightenment! Channie expressed it […]

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My relationship with Yvonne Ritzen dates back to 2006. This relationship, which lasts up to now, in terms of active collaboration in a variety of aspects, has benefited me beyond expectation. The work with Yvonne has been evolved in a number of levels and areas which intersect with each other in order to boost one towards growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This holistic approach has helped my personal growth by transforming the way of developing me within.

As a scientist with an active working experience of about 30 years in Computer Science I am now able to claim that I can combine the benefits of the Science with the ones of the Spiritual world in order to pursue balance in a harmonious complementary way. I assume it is obvious there are inter-dependences between the two, which more or less stress the notion of Wholeness which in turn, as the time passes, make more and more evident their profound and inevitable integration.

The onset of my work with Yvonne had been stamped by Reiki sessions in order to tackle anxiety issues which had been raised during that time. That was only the Healing start which, day by day as I was assessing my health progress, I was voluntarily guiding myself towards a sequence of relevant experiences addressed by techniques like: White Time Healing, Dream Journeys, Meditation etc. This optional cascading pattern of therapies, ALL of which have being applied by Yvonne, had the one after the other created for me an arsenal of healing tools which aim to protect the immune system of my Soul and thereof the Brain which in turn by a miraculous way implicitly or explicitly protect the health in the physical layer which in earthly terminology is most commonly known as a Human Body.

The amazing route of the above trip led me to become a level IV UWTH healer and prior to that, I’ve got a Reiki II degree…. The trip has just started!!!

PS. My occupation is still Computer Science. My love is Growth for the sake of my beloved ones and the self. The means of striving Growth is the embodied dialect of the immaterial ‘I’ ….

Grigoris Tzanodaskalakis

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Current location

Οδός Κω 6, 71414 Αμουδάρα, Γάζι, Greece
35.336892, 25.070606


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Board of Knowledge 1&2
9 Dec 2023 through 10 Dec 2023
From 09:00 to 18:00
Online Crete
Online via Skype/Zoom
71414 Ammoudara, Greece
Language: English
Absolute Board
16 Dec 2023 through 17 Dec 2023
From 09:00 to 18:00
Online Geisfeld
Online via Skype/Zoom
54413 Geisfeld, Germany
Language: English
UWTH 4 Teacher education
6 Jan 2024 through 8 Jan 2024
From 10:00 to 20:00
Berlin, Germany
Language: Deutsch
Board of Knowledge 3
9 Jan 2024 through 10 Jan 2024
From 10:00 to 18:00
Berlin, Germany
Language: Deutsch
Board of Knowledge 5
13 Feb 2024 through 14 Feb 2024
From 10:00 to 19:00
Berlin, Germany
Language: Deutsch
First steps

More about me

After my formal education my hunger for deeper insight in the interaction between body and psyche grew. This led me to specialise in body-oriented and bioenergetic therapies. At a later stage I became a reiki master. In the course of those years I also learned several meditation techniques (Osho & Deepak Chopra) and became a meditation teacher/trainer. Some years later I encountered a great spiritual teacher who initiated me in dream therapy. I discovered how beneficial this therapy can be, working with regression and reincarnation experiences, solliciting the support of one’s inner guides and higher self.


  • Practitioner Universal White Time Healing 1 - 4
  • Teacher Universal White Time Healing 1 - 4
  • Assistant Head Teacher Universal White Time Healing 1 - 4
  • Supreme Teacher for the World Universal White Time Healing
  • Giver of the Board of Knowledge 1 - 5
  • Teacher of the Board of Knowledge 1 - 5
  • High Teacher of the Board of Knowledge 1&2 - 3 (initiates teachers)
  • Giver of the Board of Angels
  • Teacher of the Board of Angels
  • High Teacher of the Board of Angels (initiates teachers)
  • Giver of the Sun Board
  • Giver of the Absolute Board
  • Teacher of the Absolute Board

I converse with my clients in Dutch, English or German.

For 10 years I lived permanently on the island of Crete in Greece, where I still practice as a spiritual healer, instructor and teacher. An event related to my husband's health forced us in 2012 to leave Crete during the 'difficult' seasons of summer and winter and settle in Germany for those parts of the year. In spring and autumn we are back in Crete for 3 months each time. We're a bit like hyperkinetic migratory birds.