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Greek Charities

Back in 2016, when we were planning our first Board of Knowledge 5 teachings, we came up with the idea of donating part of our income from that activity to selected — officially recognised — Greek charities. Greece was still in turmoil, economically and financially, and most people had suffered severe set-backs during the preceding […]

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Channie C.C. West in Crete

I can not even begin to express how very excited, honored and thrilled I am that Channie West has agreed to come to Greece to help the country and its people shift to a higher vibration. (more…)

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First steps

The ‘big news’ of course is that I finally have a website. My “Sun and Stars” has come trough and delivered. The site is not finished yet, most notably I will need to write the texts for my complete program, including Universal White Time Healing, Dream Journeys and a few words about the meditation trainings. […]

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