The Beyond

There is a Reality, far before there was anything else that we, as humans, or even people in our Universe and Creation knew about. It was a Reality that had levels to it. But even the “closest” level was hidden from us. For barely ten years the borders knowing about The Beyond have been open. The knowledge there had been Hidden Knowledge. Then Channie C.C. West brought the keys to open up that Knowledge.

The Reality of The Beyond cannot be found by any spaceship or means of transportation. It is way far beyond our Universe and all of the Color Creations. There is a Border and that Border was closed for the whole history of time on Earth. Until recently. Perhaps in dreams or in the mind of a few, some memories slipped in or out. But everyone has a remembrance buried deep within who we really are, about this “region of Reality” and its levels. Because we are all from there. While many contemplate their home planets or galaxies, there is a Truer and Deeper Home that is this: The Beyond. There were reasons for it to be forgotten and buried within the fabric of memories, dreams, wishes and thoughts. And there are reasons now for it to be remembered. Sometimes when Everyone and Everything comes from a certain Origin, it could be looked upon that The All will one day return back again. We won’t be the same as when we left. Everything is going up to a higher frequency. We are, our Universe and Creation is, and even The Beyond. So, no, we can’t get there in a spaceship. But we can make a true connection within the higher mind, heart and Soul. The windows to The Beyond are open and it is possible to explore. It is possible to get our Truths from there.

Without knowing maybe just what to call an education that would embrace and develop an awareness, an experience and a connection to this Reality and, then, to our Absolute Highest Selves there, the courses began. There are no names in English or any other language that are used in this Reality, that we could pick and choose to use. It is beyond all of that. There are beings and structures and places, but it is not anything like what we know about. Somehow the name for the education that brings out the Hidden Knowledge began to be called “The Beyond.”

The Beyond is a very sacred and special Knowledge and education that Channie brought and began teaching, as soon as it was permissible to teach this level of Knowledge on Earth. It has not been very many years. It began on Earth with just a handful of people. And it has spread and is now being taught in our Universe, in all the Color Creations and even on The New Earth. It is the sort of knowledge that is meant to be taught at the lowest level (World 1 and humans) and spread upwards, to people’s Higher Self and Selves in a Creation. Even if it is taught in the Universe, the strongest way to receive this, in many ways, is from the lowest level. So a human on Earth learning this gives the best foundation of this understanding to their Higher Self, who might be an Extraterrestrial or an angel, through the shared Soul. This frequency of Knowledge spreads upwards and outwards.

The Beyond is a reality that is not in the Creations, not in the Universe. The Beyond existed before any universe or Creation was existing. It was there before there were worlds or solar systems or galaxies. It is extremely old. Everyone and Everything comes, in some way, from The Beyond. And The Beyond has levels.

Channie about The Beyond

“…With an open mind, comes an open heart. And with an open heart, comes an open possibility and chance, for that heart to reach out and let the mind open even more. These classes will give your mind an opportunity to search and find The Beyond and its Light Beyond The Light, its Truths Beyond The Truth. A Place which we can feel within our Hearts, see within our Minds, and accept within our Souls.”

“The Beyond”

“The Beyond, or The Holy Divine Structure, is where Everything sprang from. All There Is has a beginning, and this is It. But as we went along and away from that, we forgot about its importance and existence. And the more advanced you became, the more your memory of that fell into the shadows in the forgotten land of Truth. So we tagged along, happy and content, even though The Beyond kept on calling us from far away. The Beyond, The Holy Divine Structure, and all its Beauty, Knowledge and Truths want us to awaken from our dreamy existence of reality, as we see it. Because in The Beyond lay the Truths.”

…When you go along your path of Spirituality
and learn more things,
sooner or later,
you will see and find that
everything has a beginning.
A pattern that fits into and has its origin;
an origin in The Beyond.
It is like a net, or a grid,
that begins with energies springing
and pouring out from a specific point,
The Holy Divine Structure…

The Beyond is a place where human minds can’t reach yet. Still, these teachings open the door for a little bit of an understanding of what The Beyond has to reveal. The Beyond is pure Divinity beyond all religions, and other spiritual teachings. It talks about before… Before, meaning before our Creation itself even started or was formed. Before God as we see it. In a time when all there was was Divine Energy in a Higher Form and in a Higher Place.

We call it The Beyond but also The Holy Divine Structure. Because it talks about the structure of how Divinity started and formed itself, before anything became that now exists. All and Everything and Everyone are a part of The Beyond with their inner Essence. These classes want us to connect with that Essence and open ourselves up from this level to reach the Highest of it All.

Everything and everyone has a Beginning. Everyone and everything has an Origin and comes from Somewhere. The Origin for everyone and everything is a region of Reality with levels that have been hidden, until now, from humans, Extraterrestrials, Angels, and Light Beings living on planets fitting into galaxies fitting into Universes fitting into something larger called a Color Creation. What if you could know what all the Creations ultimately fit into? This Picture of Reality we call The Beyond.

mountain-and-sun-colorSpiritual people talk about Oneness and an Original Power or Force that everything comes from. They may call it God or something else. But what if what you have always called God or Creator is also coming from something even farther away, than that? Wouldn’t it be enlightening to understand The Holy Divine Structure of Life? What the First Things really were? Why things have been as they are, as if in a Game unfolding with a Total Purpose? Would you be interested to understand where the Oneness is and how you fit into it?

Have you wondered what started everything? Have you wondered where it is all going? There is no place on Earth where answers like this to questions about the Origin of Life and Love and the Total Beginning have ever been shared.

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